Tuesday, November 8, 2011

As of Lately..../ Halloween

Man has time gone by so fast! I wish I could be better about blogging but unfortunately I am not! Bentley continues to grow and grow! He has the funniest little laugh and he loves to smile. He loves to be out of the house, it doesn't matter where we go as long as he doesn't have to be stuck in the house all day long! I feel like I keep saying over and over that he is getting his teeth in but they never push through his gums. His teeth have been in the same spot for over 3 months and still they will not come through. He is really grumpy cause his teeth hurt, so i am hoping they will come in sooner than later :)

My mom came into town a couple days and took these cute pictures for us! It was really enjoyable to have my mom in town and really nice to have someone who can talk more than goo goo ga ga.

This is Bentley looking so cute and sweet!

And then on a dime he can look like this! And he has some lungs!! He screams so loud, I am shocked I am not deaf yet!

Thanks mom for the cute hat and jacket. They have already come in handy!

As for Halloween, Jake and Bentley dressed up for the ward Trunk or Treat. Bentley was a little monster and a very cute monster at that. He was so adorable and we are so grateful to his Aunt Meagan for getting us such a cute costume! Jake was....well to be honest i have no idea what he was! He had a big black curly-haired wig on with a suit and a tie. It was kinda funny cause when Bentley first saw him he kinda freaked out, not realizing it was Jake. We had a good time at the Trunk or Treat and there was alot of people there but as far as actual trick or treaters this year we didn't have as many. Hopefully next year Bentley will really be able to start to comprehend Halloween!