Friday, December 23, 2011

Bentleys First Present

Bentley was able to open his first gift for Christmas! It was from his Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Adam! He really liked the wrapping paper!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Going to see santa

We went to see Santa at Town Square. I had no idea Santa was gonna have such a long line. It was a 2 hour wait. So we decided to go play on the fake snow behind Santa's house. The mall has Santa's house in a park area and behind they had snow! It was like a bubble maker but for snow! It was really fun and Bentley loved the fake grass and the snow!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

As of Lately..../ Halloween

Man has time gone by so fast! I wish I could be better about blogging but unfortunately I am not! Bentley continues to grow and grow! He has the funniest little laugh and he loves to smile. He loves to be out of the house, it doesn't matter where we go as long as he doesn't have to be stuck in the house all day long! I feel like I keep saying over and over that he is getting his teeth in but they never push through his gums. His teeth have been in the same spot for over 3 months and still they will not come through. He is really grumpy cause his teeth hurt, so i am hoping they will come in sooner than later :)

My mom came into town a couple days and took these cute pictures for us! It was really enjoyable to have my mom in town and really nice to have someone who can talk more than goo goo ga ga.

This is Bentley looking so cute and sweet!

And then on a dime he can look like this! And he has some lungs!! He screams so loud, I am shocked I am not deaf yet!

Thanks mom for the cute hat and jacket. They have already come in handy!

As for Halloween, Jake and Bentley dressed up for the ward Trunk or Treat. Bentley was a little monster and a very cute monster at that. He was so adorable and we are so grateful to his Aunt Meagan for getting us such a cute costume! Jake was....well to be honest i have no idea what he was! He had a big black curly-haired wig on with a suit and a tie. It was kinda funny cause when Bentley first saw him he kinda freaked out, not realizing it was Jake. We had a good time at the Trunk or Treat and there was alot of people there but as far as actual trick or treaters this year we didn't have as many. Hopefully next year Bentley will really be able to start to comprehend Halloween!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bentley's 5 Months Old

I can't believe time goes by so fast. Bentley is growing into a wonderful man and I can't believe his is already 5 months old.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Joy of Parenting

So lately I have realized that as a child I never pictured myself getting married at 19 and then to have a baby at 21. I had plans and dreams. I wanted to become an accomplished cosmetologist; I wanted to work on a movie set, own my own salon, and have a steady clientele. The last thing I wanted at 21 years old was a kid....actually i never dreamed of having kids and raising them.. I thought that was actually torture. It is interesting listening to clients that come into Sport Clips..(the majority of them being men)..they say the things I used to. Kids are....too much money, too much time, annoying and too much work. Or I get the... I am too selfish or I am just not cut out to be a parent or dogs are so much easier than having kids.

I have a message to anyone who feels or who has ever felt this way about being a parent. Parenting is HARD WORK! but the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. It is the most amazing thing to be able to look at your child and see yourself in him or her. My son is a lot like me; the good qualities and the bad, but he has taught me about life and also about what is most important. He has taught me to love and also how to be loved. He has taught me the importance of a FAMILY! Families are eternal and they are always here for you and will be by your side through thick and thin. He reminds me to laugh when I am really stressed out, he reminds me that sometimes it is ok to cry about things even if they are not-a-big deal, he reminds me about the little things in life that make me happy and that sometimes in life you just need to turn the music up and dance. Here is a list about some of my favorite things my son does:

He gets so happy to see me when I come home from work.

He loves listening to country music with his mom.

He loves being outdoors

He loves water (pool and the bath)

He loves Food

He loves kisses on his cheeks

He is best friends with Tigger, Mr. Octopus and Mr. Spider

He loves to be apart of things and always wants to know what is going on

He loves to be held.

He looks like his mommy.

He is so inquisitive

He is good at grabbing things

He is so strong!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Things In Life That Makes Me Happy.

So lately I have wanted to get rid of the extra baby weight along with the couple extra pounds that found resisdence on my hips before I got prego. I really would love to run again but since having Bentley it really hurts to run. So I decided to get into walking. I started doing 2 miles and then I started going farther and farther and now I am up to 4 miles. It feels amazing to get out and work out. There are a few reasons why I am enjoying this..They are:

1. I am getting a nice tan while walking outside!

2. I am getting in shape and hopefully getting some muscles.

3. I love being outdoors.

4. Bentley enjoys being outside (that makes me happy cause he is not screaming).

I also have been going through all my music that takes up half the memory on my computer and i found some really good classic songs. It had been forever since i have listened to alot of my old favorites. Like this one.....

or this one...

Man I love country music and it brings back alot of good memories from when I was a child. I don't know if I am the only person who puts memories to songs and smells. Like I have this one perfume that I wore my junior year in high school and I remember certain events and people when I smell that certain perfume.

Anyways pictures of the new apartment are coming but I lost my camera charger. So i bought a new one and once i get that one in the mail I will get pictures up!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moving is HORRIBLE!!!!

We are moving this week and can i tell you what.....I hate packing everything up, just to unload and unpack it all again. We are really excited for our new apartment. We get ceiling fans and tile and it is closer to work and a king bed!!! We have a lot we are happy about but man it looks as though a tornado came through our tiny 600 sq. ft apartment!

Pictures of the actual apartment would scar you for life or just make you think i am not a good mormon mom, who can't keep her house clean. So i will spare you from that awful thought. Once we get settled in our new place, I will post pictures of our cute, new, clean home.

So the thought of this next week makes me want to not go to bed tonight because tomorrow is the start of our chaos. Monday= signing the lease and new king bed getting delivered plus work that night. Tuesday= building a bed frame for our new king bed plus work. Wednesday= set up gas for the new apartment and moving small things plus work. Thursday= Doctors appointment for Bentley plus packing the rest of our house plus work. Friday is getting everything ready for the uhaul and work. And Saturday is the BIG MOVE and then I have work that night :) Well now you know exactly what I am doing this week so if you ever lose sleep over what Cami and Jake might be doing right this very now won't lose any sleep.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finally Blogging Again!!!

So life has been crazy busy for the last 6 months, so I have not had time to keep up with my blog. So to catch everyone up on our lives....We had Bentley on March 27, 2011.

He is now 3 months old and as cute as can be!!! He was blessed on Sunday and we were so happy alot of our family and friends came out for it!!!

As for other new things, we are moving next week into a bigger apartment. We are so excited to have more space and Bentley will finally have his own room!!!! YEAH!! The only down fall to moving is that we have to pack everything up and then unpack it all again. But, Jake and I are always up for a new adventure and moving is our latest adventure. Also, Jake and I finally decided to upgrade to a King size bed!!! No more hitting each other in the middle of the night! Also this means if anyone wants to come and visit us now we have a full bed for you to sleep on and also your own bathroom.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Holiday Season

This holiday season was for sure something to remember and where to begin, I do not know. We went up to Utah to spend Christmas with my Mom and Kyle and Meagan and Clark. It was so much fun being around family!!! My mom and Kyle invested in a ping pong table and little did they know that Jake and I brought our "A" game. I would say Kyle is the winner but Mom and Jake were very strong competitors. Clark was a little better than me but i did have quite a few good shots if I do say so myself. And Meagan...We NEED TO PRACTICE THAT SWING GIRL!!!!! Jake and I loved being around family and we feel so blessed for everything we received on Christmas.

The monday after Christmas we had to come back to Las Vegas, and our original plan was to stay in Vegas for the New Year. But since Courtney had her baby early, we decided it was the perfect time to go down to AZ to see him. We left New Years Eve to go to Az, and got there in time for the party. It was a wonderful surprise to be able to see ALL of my cousins!!!!! We had so much fun playing 007 in my grandparents yard and YES I (THE ONLY PREGNANT WOMEN OF THE BUNCH) WON!!!! I am proud to say that i can still hide behind a palm tree with my pregnant belly and not be seen :)

On New Years Day, we were able to go and see little baby Tanner, who by the way is the cutest little baby ever (well at least until Bentley gets here). I loved being able to hold him and can't wait till little baby Bentley and Tanner get to play together :)

We also were able to go to the Fiesta Bowl in the new stadium. It was the first time for Jake and I to go watch a game in that stadium. The game was kinda a blow out but it was really fun and I know Jake had the time of his life!!!! He just loves Football :)

We came home and the next day it snowed. It SNOWED IN VEGAS!!! I thought HELL was Freezing over :) It only lasted 3 hours, which was long enough for me :)

We had so much fun over the holidays and are happy to have such a wonderful family!!