Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moving is HORRIBLE!!!!

We are moving this week and can i tell you what.....I hate packing everything up, just to unload and unpack it all again. We are really excited for our new apartment. We get ceiling fans and tile and it is closer to work and a king bed!!! We have a lot we are happy about but man it looks as though a tornado came through our tiny 600 sq. ft apartment!

Pictures of the actual apartment would scar you for life or just make you think i am not a good mormon mom, who can't keep her house clean. So i will spare you from that awful thought. Once we get settled in our new place, I will post pictures of our cute, new, clean home.

So the thought of this next week makes me want to not go to bed tonight because tomorrow is the start of our chaos. Monday= signing the lease and new king bed getting delivered plus work that night. Tuesday= building a bed frame for our new king bed plus work. Wednesday= set up gas for the new apartment and moving small things plus work. Thursday= Doctors appointment for Bentley plus packing the rest of our house plus work. Friday is getting everything ready for the uhaul and work. And Saturday is the BIG MOVE and then I have work that night :) Well now you know exactly what I am doing this week so if you ever lose sleep over what Cami and Jake might be doing right this very now won't lose any sleep.

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Luis Merino said...

Hahaha!!! Looks like I can sleep soundly this week! :)