Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Things In Life That Makes Me Happy.

So lately I have wanted to get rid of the extra baby weight along with the couple extra pounds that found resisdence on my hips before I got prego. I really would love to run again but since having Bentley it really hurts to run. So I decided to get into walking. I started doing 2 miles and then I started going farther and farther and now I am up to 4 miles. It feels amazing to get out and work out. There are a few reasons why I am enjoying this..They are:

1. I am getting a nice tan while walking outside!

2. I am getting in shape and hopefully getting some muscles.

3. I love being outdoors.

4. Bentley enjoys being outside (that makes me happy cause he is not screaming).

I also have been going through all my music that takes up half the memory on my computer and i found some really good classic songs. It had been forever since i have listened to alot of my old favorites. Like this one.....

or this one...

Man I love country music and it brings back alot of good memories from when I was a child. I don't know if I am the only person who puts memories to songs and smells. Like I have this one perfume that I wore my junior year in high school and I remember certain events and people when I smell that certain perfume.

Anyways pictures of the new apartment are coming but I lost my camera charger. So i bought a new one and once i get that one in the mail I will get pictures up!

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